Corn flour, corn grits processing line

Corn flour, corn grits processing line

Model No.︰DS

Brand Name︰HXSD

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 20000 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

Corn flour, corn grits processing line

corn flour/corn grits production line adopts technology of dry methords to make corn peel and degerminate. threshing performance can reach 90%. It is used to produce corn granule (corn grits), maize germ, maize peel etc. products. It can process further refined corn powder (the crushing finesness can reach 100 mesh), corn porridge flakes, snack corn powder, corn oil, corn noodle etc. products by using additional equipment. this equipment has advantage of low consumption, high automatic and convenient opention. The yield is 80-85%. five kinds of products of different fineness (mesh) are produced out simultaneously. It include sieve, water wetness machine, Corn peeling crusher, Corn germ separator -1, corn crusher, Corn germ separator -2, material container,  main air blower, airrock, screen, pulverizer, controller etc.


Company Introduction

Jinan HXSD Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd match production and sales of various types of food processing machinery, feed machinery, modified starch machinery:
1. Corn Flakes & Breakfast Cereals Processing Line
2. Chips Snacks Processing Line
3. Core Filling Snacks Processing Line
4. Nutrition Powder Processing Line
5. Bread Crumb & Snow Flakes Slice Processing Line
6. Soybean Protein & Drawing Protein Processing Line
7. Fried Puffed Snacks & Fried Pasta Processing Line
8. 2D/3D Pellet & Fried Chips Processing Line
9. Nutrient Compound Rice Processing Line
10. Instant Rice Processing Line
11. Extrusion Pasta/ Pasta Processing Line
12. Instant Noodle Processing Line
13. Modified Starch Processing Line
14. Pet Food processeing line

15. Fish Feed Processing Line
16. Dog Chews Processing Line
Caramel Popcorn Processing line

18. Cheetos Nik Naks Kurkure Processing Line

19. Edible Straws & Biodegradable rice drinking straw Processing Line

20.Series of Extruder
21. Series of Dryer
22. Series of Fryer & Flavor
23. Other food Machines


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